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Learn how to remove an unwanted lead before launching your campaign!

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Heeeeey lemlister ! πŸ‘‹

Imagine you're done creating your campaign, and you want to review your leads πŸ€“

As you're doing it you realize one of them shouldn't be part of your campaign (e.g. wrong target). Well, you can simply "Skip" that lead, so he won't receive your sequence.

πŸ€” How?

➑️ Go to your campaign.

➑️ Go to the "Launch" section.

➑️ Select the lead you want to remove and press the 3 dots and the option for skipping the lead will show up.

What if I accidentally skipped a lead? πŸ‘€

Don't worry, you can un-skip him easily:

➑️ Go to the Lead list section.

➑️ Add "Skipped" as a filter.

➑️ Select your lead and click on the 3 dots and then option to Un-skip it.

This way the lead will be back to the Launch stage.

And you're done! Good job my lemlister. πŸ‘

In case you want to remove a lead from your campaign, here is how ⚑️

Enjoy ❀️

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