🤗 Hey my witty lemlister !

To remove a Buddy-to-Be from a campaign there are 2 and a half options. 🤓


➡️ Go to your campaign

➡️ Go to the "Buddies-to-Be" section on the left sidebar

➡️ Find the Buddy you want to remove and tick his box to select him

➡️ Press the button "Remove 1 buddy-to-be"


You can "Skip" the Buddy from the "Review" stage of your campaign and it'll remove it automatically.


If you added new buddies to an existing campaign and want to remove them:

➡️ Go to the "Buddies-to-Be" section

➡️ Choose "Scanned" from the filters

➡️ Select the Buddies you want to remove and press "Remove X Buddies-to-Be" ⚡️

You did it! Well done my lemlister 👏

On top of that, I also recorded a video for you to help you out. 🤗

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