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Import leads from an existing campaign πŸ”—
Import leads from an existing campaign πŸ”—

Import leads that have clicked or replied to your emails from a past campaign

Updated yesterday

Heeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

I've been told you could be ready to import leads from an existing campaign. Let's not waste time, I'll tell you how right here and now.

Go to the "Lead List" section in your campaign and click on the "Import new leads" button the choose "Import from an existing campaign" πŸ‘‡

lemlister tip πŸ’‘ Importing from an existing campaign is pretty cool: you can import only the ones that clicked or opened the emails from a past campaign for example.

Contacts will be filtered out when you import them to another campaign, which gives you the opportunity to target your audience better 😊

Here are the steps to follow:

When you click on "Import from existing campaign" you will go through 2 stages:

1️⃣ Import leads from an existing campaign

➑ select the campaign that you want to be a source of the leads, and then choose the status of those leads.

The system will import leads with the selected status in a new campaign:

2️⃣ Set up import settings

➑ make sure to select the first duplicate option "Don't import leads that are already in this campaign" as seen below or we will not be able able to import leads already in another campaign πŸ˜‰

➑ also decide if you would like to use any type of enrichment, or not!

That's it. Enjoy ❀️

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