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Heeeey lemlister! 👋

I hope you enjoyed my little description. You might even say that it was an icebreaker for the article. 😉

When writing a cold email - how about starting with an icebreaker?

What is it & why should you use it? 🧐

Very simply, it is a unique sentence that is customized for every lead individually.

Now for its usage:

  • It is a first impression for the lead, so you must use it wisely.

  • You are catering to people's want to read tailor-made emails for them.

  • As a consequence, you are sure to boost open & reply rates!

💡 lemlister tip

Are you struggling with how to find a good icebreaker? Worry not, here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

  • follow your lead's most recent posts on social media,

  • comment on current news from his company,

  • find common points to discuss (career trajectory, school, etc.).

How to personalize your cold email with an icebreaker variable on the app?

1️⃣ In your CSV file, add a column called "icebreaker".

2️⃣ For every lead, write a unique intro in the appropriate cells.

3️⃣ Select the {{icebreaker}} tag from the "Add personalization" section.

4️⃣ After launching your campaign, the {{icebreaker}} tag puts the pre-written texts for every lead. You will be able to see what the cold email looks like in the 'Review' leads step of your campaign.

Tada! You have pushed personalization to the next level.

Also, you can now generate your icebreakers with our AI Icebreaker generator.

Using an AI icebreaker generator saves time and provides a diverse range of engaging conversation starters, increasing the effectiveness and confidence in initiating meaningful interactions.

The Icebreaker Generator can be used with both campaigns that have been created manually and campaigns that have been created with the assistance of the AI sequence generator.

💡 lemlister tips

  • You can also create your icebreakers directly on LinkedIn when visiting your leads' profiles. To do that, you need to use the lemlist LinkedIn Chrome extension.
    However, this is only for the Sales Engagement Plan as other plans do not have access to the multichannel feature. You can find all the information on which plan has access to which features in this article.

  • We recommend you go the extra mile and leverage this tool as part of a strategy and not standalone. And you're in luck, as here at lemlist our head of Growth Vuk has developed a Tiramisu cold email strategy with its own CSV file!
    We have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, available on our blog. Click here to access all sorts of articles giving you actionable tactics to grab your lead's attention and drive scalable revenue!

Feel free to have a chat with our lovely support team if you have any questions 🤗


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