How to join a team?
Not sure where your invite is? Take a look in your "Notifications" :D
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Heeeey lemlister πŸ‘‹

So, your team is growing, and you're trying to add more teammates to send emails? πŸš€

To join a team, follow the instruction below:

If you have sent an invitation to your teammate ( another email address) to join your team, they will need to create a lemlist account (if they do not have one yet) and accept the invitation like this πŸ‘‡

If they already have a lemlist account, a notification to join the team will pop out and they will be able to accept it and join the team.

Like that, you are able to see each other's campaigns, check reports, create campaigns, and assign another teammate as sender. (The only thing that you are not able able to do on behalf of teammate is to connect email provider - that action must be performed from a user's lemlist account, under the "Email Provider" section)

That's it πŸ€“

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