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How to Integrate LinkedIn Steps to the Sequence?
How to Integrate LinkedIn Steps to the Sequence?

Include LinkedIn visits, invites and messages to your campaign.

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Hey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

Create multichannel sequences with LinkedIn steps to leverage your campaign and strengthen your approach!

In the newest version of lemlist app, you can add:

⚑️ LinkedIn profile visit.

⚑️ LinkedIn invite.

⚑️ LinkedIn message.

πŸ’‘ Please note that we only send private LinkedIn messages, we do not send InMails.

Creating your LinkedIn sequence:

To access the LinkedIn actions within your campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your campaign.

  2. Navigate to the Sequence section.

  3. Select one of the three LinkedIn steps available:

4. Select one of the two LinkedIn conditions available:

"The condition "Has a LinkedIn URL" can be implemented at the start of the campaign, exclusively sending steps to leads with a LinkedIn profile URL.

The "Accepted invite LinkedIn" condition is applicable after an initial invite step, tracking leads who have accepted the invite within the specified timeframe.

For clarity:

  • "Has a LinkedIn URL" ensures that steps are sent solely to leads with a LinkedIn profile URL.

  • "Accepted invite LinkedIn" monitors leads who have accepted the invite within the provided timeframe."

LinkedIn visit

We recommend including "LinkedIn profile visits" as a starting step in your sequence.

By doing so, you increase the likelihood of your lead accepting your invitation.

Additionally, it provides a gentle touch to remain on your prospect's radar without being overly intrusive.

You have the option to select your own name or choose one of your teammates. This way, you can demonstrate to your lead that the entire team is interested in their accomplishments:

Q: How do I send a LinkedIn invitation, but not a LinkedIn message?

You just need to add the LinkedIn invitation to your sequence. This will allow you to enter your prospects' network so they see your content and the relations you may have in common πŸ™Œ


Q: How do I send a LinkedIn invitation + a LinkedIn message?

You have 2 options in a step message and we really advise you to use both as we will adapt the type we send depending on the status of your lead when the step is sent out.

  • Lead is already in your network = we will send the first option "Message".

  • Lead is not in your network yet = we will send the second option "Linkedin Invite".

1️⃣ First option

Add a LinkedIn invite step to your sequence and then a LinkedIn message step but make sure to have 5-6 days of delay between these two steps so your prospects have enough time to accept your invite! Otherwise, they won't be able to receive your message.

2️⃣ Second option

Only add a LinkedIn message step (no prior LinkedIn invitation) and complete the "LinkedIn invite" tab.


Because this way, lemlist will automatically send your LinkedIn message to the prospects who already are in your LinkedIn network when for the others, lemlist will automatically send an invitation with your note attached.
The note is the message you wrote in the "LinkedIn invite" tab that we also call the "alternate message".

☝️ If you exceed 200 characters (LinkedIn limit) lemlist will truncate your alternate message to the first 200 characters.

If you are using variables in your message, make sure to be around 150 characters so it can't exceed the 200 characters, whatever the value of your variables.

πŸ’‘ Tip : If you add a variable {Link}, you can use shortening tools so you never end up with 50 character-length links and you can track your click rate at the same time πŸ‘Œ
☝️ If you don't write this alternate message, lemlist will take the first 200 characters of your LinkedIn message instead...

Use emojis and as many variables, as you want from the icon in the top right corner of the text box.

Important highlights

LinkedIn manual import:

If you add LinkedIn URLs to your CSV file or your CRM, make sure that the name of the column is "linkedinUrl", otherwise the date won't pull.

​LinkedIn import via the lemlist extension:

If you want to import leads directly from a LinkedIn search it's possible and it's a huge time-saver!

Use our lemlist LinkedIn extension and get a ready-to-use list of contacts in just a few clicks.

LinkedIn limits:

In order not to be blocked by LinkedIn, you need to comply with their limits.

This is why lemlist sets up a daily LinkedIn limit by default for your campaigns.

This limit is around 100 LinkedIn actions per day: visits, invitations, and messages combined.

If you want to adjust these values to your needs, go to account settings

Limits tab.

Q: Why is my Linkedin URL not working?

We support ALL SalesNavigators URLs, as well as URLs without underscores. ("_")

The presence of "_" and "" means redirect URL.

When the "_" is not there, the URL goes directly to the lead's profile. 😊

By clicking on your link: If the URL in the browser is the same as the one on which you clicked then the link is good, otherwise you have gone through a redirect. ↩️

The most effective way to remedy to this, if you have a Sales Navigator account, is to identify leads with _ in their Linkedin URL and replace the "in" with "sales/people", then add ",NAME_SEARCH," at the very end of the URL.


URL before modification:

URL after modification:,NAME_SEARCH,

If you need any more support, don't hesitate to ping the team on our chat. πŸ€—


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