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Advanced Condition Campaigns

Elevate your outreach with advanced conditions. Personalize campaigns based on lead info & actions. Unlock limitless possibilities!

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Hi there lemlister!

With outreach campaigns evolving continuously, we understood the need to create more complex sequences with specific conditions triggered by your leadโ€™s specific actions or information.

Conditions will help you create more accurate and personalized campaigns that align with your leads' available channels, availability, etc.

๐Ÿ’ก Please note that Advanced conditions are only available on the Multichannel Expert Plan and the Outreach Scale plan.

How to Add Conditions?

No worries, let's get into it!

After choosing how you want to create your campaign, you will have the option to switch from the campaign steps to conditions:

The conditions you will be able to choose from are:

Lead Information:

  • Has an email address

  • Has a LinkedIn URL

  • Accepted invite

Lead Actions:

  • Opened an email

  • Clicked on a link in email

  • Unsubscribed from email

  • Booked a meeting

Then once you've chosen your condition, you can continue with your sequence setup based on the condition:

For example, you've chosen "Has an email address"

Now you have a "yes" and a "no" option, for when a lead fulfils the condition and when it does not.

Based on these, you will set up the next steps.

In the example mentioned above, the right next steps would be:

  • If the lead Has an email - Yes: Send an email step.

  • If the lead Doesn't have an email - No: Send a LinkedIn step.

So, based on the numerous conditions available, you will be able to set up your own sequences specific to your preferences.

How to add multiple conditions?

When adding your next step, you will see these options:

Then as an example in the current sequence, I will add the condition "Accepted invite within 1 day" - meaning a different step will be sent if they fulfil or don't fulfil the condition.

You will be able to chose between the options "Within" and "Wait until" as shown below:

  1. Within means that our system will not wait until the delay passes but will start the next step as soon as it registers the condition being fulfilled.

  2. Wait until means that our system will wait until the full delay passes and will then go to the next step depening on the conditions state.

And voila!

That is how you can add any number of the available conditions and elevate your outreach.

If you need any additional information, please contact us on our support chat.

Good luck!

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