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🎉 Multichannel campaigns
What multichannel sequence should I build?
What multichannel sequence should I build?

Diversify the channels of your campaign to better connect with your leads

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Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Don't hesitate to play as much as you can with the different channels to make the most of your campaigns and increase your reply rate!

Better connect with your leads via:

We prepared for you a couple of scenarios that perform very well:

SCENARIO 1️⃣ - spread over a month.

DAY 1: LinkedIn visit

DAY 2: LinkedIn message/invite

DAY 3: 1st email

DAY 5: LinkedIn visit

DAY 6: LinkedIn visit

DAY 8: 2nd email

DAY 10: LinkedIn visit

DAY 12: 3rd email

DAY 15: LinkedIn visit

DAY 16: Call

DAY 22: 4th email

DAY 25: LinkedIn visit

DAY 30: Call

🌈 Don’t be afraid of the number of steps. At the end of the day on this scenario, you only make 5 « hard touches » (emails + LinkedIn message) in one month.


SCENARIO 2️⃣ - spread over 2 weeks.

DAY 1: LinkedIn message/invite

DAY 2: 1st email

DAY 6: 2nd email

DAY 7: LinkedIn visit

DAY 10: 3rd email

DAY 13: Call

Enjoy ❤️

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