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Check this out to see what a global limit is, and what the issue global limit reached indicates
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Hey there lemlister πŸ‘‹

A global limit refers to the total number of emails that can be sent daily across all active campaigns (including first emails + follow-up email).

This is a limit used to protect your account and deliverability and you can set it up yourself, cool right? πŸš€

You can set it under "Account settings" under "Limits".

You can see here how to set the rest of the limits up. πŸŽ‰

Let me explain the global limit like this:

  • Imagine your campaign has a 100 leads in total

  • Your schedule for that campaign is to reach 45 new leads:

You can set this up under "Schedules" in your campaigns. (this delay refers only to leads which are receiving Step 1 of your campaign)

  • The campaign in question has 2 steps, with a 1-day delay

  • Your global limit is 200

This is how it is going to work:

day 1 - 45 (step 1 - new leads)

day 2 - 45 new leads + 45 follow ups = 90 emails in total

day 3 - 10 new leads + 45 follow ups = 65 emails in total

This will be applied just for one campaign, but if you have multiple, the limit will be applied across all campaigns.

πŸ’‘ Seeing something like this on your account?

This means you have reached the global daily limit which is applied per user to all emails sent through lemlist in 24 hours (all active campaigns: first email + follow-up emails)

πŸ’‘Remember that:

We do not recommending sending more than 200 emails per day per email provider.

More details about how many emails you should send daily and why here πŸ€“

You got it my lemlister and if you need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us 🀩

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