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B2B leads database

Leverage lemlist's AI-powered B2B database of 450M+ contacts for one-click access to verified, high-relevance leads. Filter with precision.

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Hi lemlister!

Let me add a few details about lemlist Leads database.

it is lemlist's AI-powered B2B database of 450 million+ contacts and that allows you to reach out to highly relevant leads with just 1 click.

Each lead is verified in lemlist, so you can directly connect with key decision-makers
and save time with manual tasks, complex setups, or incorrect contacts.

Filter your search by specific criteria, such as current job, company size, industry, or location to target prospects aligned with your ideal prospect.

How can I search for new leads?


Click on "Leads" in your left side bar.

Then, in the middle of your screen, choose the filters to refine your search.

There are plenty of them for you to choose, including one that will allow you to search for leads that are not already in your existing campaigns.

This is what you should choose in order to avoid duplicates in the campaign.

Afterwards, once your search is filtered as you wish, just click on "Apply" to start the search:

Now, witness the magic and start selecting leads and add them to your campaign by clicking on "Push X leads to campaign"

You can also save your list to come back to it later:

To came back to a previous saved search, click on "Open search" then type your keyword:

Important to note: lemlist Leads database does not store your data.

To build our list of leads, we’re researching the public database of Linkedin profiles (450 million + results)

Which means that we do not re-use the leads imported, found or generated for other people to use.

In other terms: Your leads are safe, and your searches are yours.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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