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Understanding Credits in lemlist
Understanding Credits in lemlist
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Credits grant you access to various features and functionalities within the platform. They are a kind of currency, that allows you to perform specific actions to enhance your user experience. Below is a detailed breakdown of what you can do with credits.

⁉️ What are credits?

  • Access tools: Credits serve as access tools, enabling you to utilize different features in lemlist.

  • Currency Equivalent: They function as a form of currency within the platform, necessary for performing certain actions.

🏆 How do credits work?

  • Feature Utilization: Credits enable you to access and utilize specific features offered by lemlist.

  • Credit Consumption: Each action you undertake within the platform consumes a certain number of credits.

  • Resource Management: Credits are allocated based on the complexity and resources required for each task.

🥳 What can you do with credits?

  • Email Finder (5 credits): Perform searches to find email addresses. Please note that for the Email finder and verifier, you will be charged only for the leads where system was able to find and verify leads as deliverable or risky.

  • LinkedIn Enrichment (2 credits): Use credits to enrich leads by their LinkedIn profile with additional information. Each enrichment costs 2 credits.

  • Email Verifier (1 credit): Verify email addresses to ensure their validity. Verifying an email address requires 1 credit.

  • Phone Number Finder (Coming Soon): In the near future, you'll also be able to use credits to find phone numbers.

AI-powered features:

  • AI campaigns are free for all our paying users.

  • AI Icebreakers are free for all our paying users with the Email Starter plan and more.

  • Free trials can use AI features for free in the same conditions as paying users.

AI campaigns use machine learning algorithms to analyze your email recipients' behavior and preferences. This allows you to send highly targeted and relevant emails, increasing your chances of getting a response.

AI Icebreakers, on the other hand, suggest personalized opening lines for your emails based on your recipients' social media profiles.

Daily Limits

Each user has a daily limit of 20 AI campaigns and 1000 Icebreakers - per user.

This means that you can create up to 20 AI campaigns and use up to 1000 AI Icebreakers per day from one single account.

These limits are in place to ensure that all users have equal access to our AI-powered features and to prevent any misuse of the system. If you need to exceed these limits, you can contact our support team for assistance.

It's important to note that these limits are for AI campaigns and AI Icebreakers only. You can still create and send regular campaigns without any limits.

Quick Access & Billing:

  • Access the Credits modal by clicking on "Refill now" at the top right, or navigate to the "Credits" section in the billing and click on the pen icon.

  • In the Credits modal, you can:

    • View your credit usage for lemlist features.

    • Check how many credits you have remaining.

  • Purchase extra credits using predefined packages or specify the amount you need.

  • Unused extra credits will roll over to the next months without limit until thy are spent.

Credits Related Rules:

Team-Wide Usage: Credits are purchased and spent at the team level.

Free Trial: New users receive 500 Free Credits as part of their trial.

Monthly Reset: Free Credits are included in paying plans and reset monthly. The number of Free Credits varies based on the plan:

  • Email Starter: 750 credits

  • Email Pro: 1000 credits

  • Multichannel Expert: 1500 credits

  • Outreach Scale: 2500 credits

No Rollover for Free Credits: Unused Free Credits do not roll over to the next month.

Additional Credits: Users can purchase Additional Credits for $0.01 each. These credits fully roll over to the next month.

Priority Spending: Free Credits are always spent first before Additional Credits.

Cancellation: Extra Credits are retained even if a user cancels their subscription, although this policy may change in the future.

🎯 Summary

Understanding how credits work in Lemlist is crucial for maximizing your usage of the platform's features. They enable you to perform essential actions like email finding, LinkedIn enrichment, and email verification.

As new features are introduced, credits will continue to play a vital role in enhancing your Lemlist experience.

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