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Unlocking Opportunities: Introducing "Company is hiring" filter
Unlocking Opportunities: Introducing "Company is hiring" filter
Updated over a week ago

One thing that will always make lemlist stand out in the crowd is that our team listens and delivers!

Ever since the Leads database was released we were listening to all your feedbacks. There is always a room for improvement and that is why we now represent the highly requested filter "Company is hiring"!

This new filter leverages lemlist’s extensive database of over 450 million contacts to provide our users with real-time insights into companies that are in the midst of expanding their teams.

One of the key challenges in B2B sales and marketing is identifying the right audience for a campaign. Traditional methods of lead generation often rely on static criteria such as industry, company size, or location. While these factors certainly play a role in determining the suitability of a lead, they may not always provide a complete picture of the prospect's readiness to engage.

By incorporating hiring data into the equation, lemlist offers users a dynamic and timely way to refine their targeting strategy! Companies that are actively hiring are often in a state of growth and expansion, making them prime targets for vendors offering products or services that can support their evolving needs. 🙌

Whether you're offering recruitment solutions, software tools, or consulting services, being able to strike while the iron is hot can make all the difference in closing a deal. 💪

Check out this amazing new filter and, of course, any new feedback is more than welcome!

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