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Learn how to use the lemlist LinkedIn Chrome extension to supercharge your multichannel campaigns with ease.

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Hey there lemlister! πŸ‘‹

If you're looking to run a multichannel LinkedIn campaign with ease, our LinkedIn Chrome extension is a must. It saves time and offers valuable insights. πŸ”₯

Specifically, it will allow you to add your leads to any lemlist campaign, from a LinkedIn search or profile.

It works with Sales Navigator searches and lists, too.

Unfortunately, it does not work with LinkedIn Recruiter or from a LinkedIn event page.

How to Connect Your LinkedIn Profile to Lemlist: A Step-by-Step Guide:

➑️ Install the extension from the Google Chrome Store.

➑️ Before proceeding, confirm you're logged into the correct Lemlist and LinkedIn accounts you intend to link."

➑️ Open the extension and link your lemlist account with your LinkedIn account.

πŸ’‘ Please note, the email address you're using on lemlist does not have to match the one you're using on Linkedin.

How to Use the Extension for Lead Import: A Step-by-Step Guide"

➑️ You can either go to a specific profile or do a LinkedIn search with as many filters as you want to target a group of prospects. (with or without Sales Navigator Search)

➑️ Once you have the wanted result of your targeted search, click on the extension.

➑️ The form will open and it will be automatically filled with all information found on the LinkedIn profiles of your leads. ✨

Depending on the profiles, you can get the following information:

  • Firstname

  • Lastname

  • Photo

  • Phone number

  • LinkedIn profile URL

  • Occupation

  • Company name

  • Company domain

  • Company industry

  • Company founded

  • Company profile URL

  • Company size

➑️ Make sure to click on "Import settings" to adjust your enrichment and duplicate options before importing your leads as this will allow you to choose duplicate and enrichment settings:

πŸ’‘ About Duplicates:

If you at any earlier point already imported the same lead to your campaign via the extension, the profile will only be updated in lemlist and not duplicated.

We always check the email address of the lead + their LinkedIn member ID to avoid importing leads already present in other campaigns if you ask us to.

➑️ From the dropdown menu, you can choose to which lemlist campaign you want to import these leads to.

Why Can't I Find My Campaign in the List?

The list excludes campaigns for which you previously imported leads from a CRM, as you cannot mix those 2 types of imports in the same campaign.

➑️ Click Β« Import these leads Β». These new leads are added to your lemlist campaign right away! πŸ₯³

πŸ“Έ Also, you can take a screenshot of the LinkedIn profile of your lead with the camera icon, very useful to personalize your mails.

How Can I Filter the Leads I Import?

You can check out this article, where we recorded a loom explaining how, step by step.


If you're interested in trying out our new Chrome extension, we'd love to have you on board! It's currently in the Beta phase, but don't worry, we've got you covered with a step-by-step tutorial. Just click on the button and we'll guide you through the process. Happy exploring!

If you need more precision, feel free to ask your questions on our chat. πŸ€“

Enjoy! ❀️

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