Why is the Review Stage Important? 🧐

Discover the last step before your campaign can go live!

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Hey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

What is the review stage for?

Very simply put it is for you to give us the green light to launch the campaign.
​1 lead reviewed = the campaign goes live for this lead.

So, what can I do?

Once you're done with creating your campaign, this step allows you to:

  • See exactly what each of your leads will receive for every step in your sequence.

  • Make sure that everything is properly set up. (messages, images, variables...).

lemlister tip πŸ’‘

This is a good way to add an extra layer of personalization to specific leads, so they feel even more unique and are more likely to answer you. πŸ₯°

e.g. you want to add a particular sentence, remove a picture, edit a CTA, etc.

You can make those changes for specific lead:

What if I want to make some changes to my campaign after reviewing my leads?

Except for the review draft, any changes in the sequence, steps, or variables on the leads will be taken into account even if the campaign is running.

What is a review draft?

A review draft is automatically created when you're making changes in a step for a lead inside the review section.

Here's a quick video to explain how they work:

Please note that if you add changes to the sequence after creating a review draft, those changes won't be reflected on the review draft.


Be careful, the review stage is not made for editing your sequence for all your leads.

It is rather though to apply small changes to some specific leads.

If you want to change your entire sequence for all your leads go back to the step "Sequence".

Review is not made for editing your lead's details either!

If you want to do so, please go back to the "Lead list" section. 😌

πŸ’‘ lemlist tip in case you have liquid syntax in your sequence and you'd like to make a review draft.

The review draft is a frozen version of the email, so during the review, we won't have {{firstName}} but already "Jack," for example. The same goes for liquid syntax such as {# "now" | date: "%H:%M:%S" #}, which will already be set ( for example 12:05:35.)

To keep dynamic content in a review draft, you need to reinsert {{firstName}} or {# "now" | date: "%H:%M:%S" #} during the review so that the variable content is replaced at the time of sending the draft.


The sequence:

The review with 3 leads:

  1. Draft without use variable in draft

  2. Draft with variable

    ⚠️ Please note that if you create a draft by replacing the content with variables, close the draft to save it, and then reopen it, all the variables will be converted again, and you will need to redo all the work of replacing the text with the variables. See screenshot above ‡️

  3. Without draft

Brilliant my lemlister! You're all good now, if you do have questions though, please reach out to our support team! πŸ˜‰

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