Editing an Active Campaign


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What happens if you edit an active sequence ?

Heey lemlister πŸ˜„ !

You launched your campaign and reviewed your leads, and decide to change something within the sequence.

Your first question is: "Will the leads that have been reviewed receive the updated version of your sequence?"

No, the leads that have been reviewed will still receive the version with which they have been reviewed.

What can you do in that case?

Option 1: Un-Review Leads βͺ

You can un-review the leads that have not yet received any steps. Once, un-reviewed, you'll be able to review them again and they will receive the latest version.

Option 2: Duplicate the Campaign 2️⃣

The second option is to pause the campaign, and then create a duplicate campaign where you'll be able to import all of the leads from the original campaign. After doing the editing that you wish, you can review the leads and get started with the new campaign.

Note: All leads will start from step 1 in the new campaign.

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