Add a clickable image 🖱🖼
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Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Personalized and clickable images are really awesome to get your prospect's attention! 🥁

Here's how to do it 🤓

➡️ Go to "Sequence":

➡️ Then go to the Email step in which you want to add your clickable image.

➡️ Click on the 3 dots ... then click on Insert image. Finally choose the image you want to use.

To make this image clickable:

➡️ Select or highlight your image

Tip💡The image is selected once you see a blue frame with squares on it.

➡️ Click on « Insert link » 🔗

➡️ Add the URL, which will make your image clickable.

➡️ The link can be removed by clicking on the « Unlink » button

Great job my lemlister, if you still have questions, just reach out to us on the chat! 🤓

Enjoy ❤️

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