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Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

You want to improve deliverability and engagement rates? If YES, stay here, this article should be interesting for you! 🤓

Thanks to Bouncer, you will identify undeliverable emails within your lemlist list, remove them from it, and export your clean list back to your campaign 🎊

In order to understand how Bouncer works with lemlist, you can check their article and the amazing tutorial video.

🖇 Connect Bouncer and lemlist

➡️ On your lemlist account, go to SETTINGS ⏩ INTEGRATIONS ⏩ « API »

➡️ Make sure you copy paste your API key safely once you generate it as you'll only see it once. After that for security reasons, if you loose that key, you'll have to generate a new one and hence, change the key in all your tech stack requiring that key.

➡️ On your Bounced account, go to INTEGRATIONS ⏩ « Lemlist configuration »

➡️ Copy the API key. Save it 💾

👫 Import my leads in your lemlist campaign

➡️ Create your campaign and add your leads.

✅ Verify my list

➡️ On your Bouncer account, go to VERIFY LIST.

➡️ Select « Lemlist configuration ».

➡️ Choose your campaign and click process.

🚀 Remove undeliverable emails from my campaign

➡️ Click on the « Export » button to see your verification results.

➡️ Click on the « Remove Undeliverable » button.

➡️ Back on your lemlist campaign, you'll notice that undeliverable emails have been removed 😎

Et voila my lemlister! Do not hesitate to reach out to us for more precision on the chat!

Enjoy ❤️

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