Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Here are the 2 steps to change your email address. 🤓

1️⃣ Change your user login


➡️ Change your email address

➡️ Write your old and new password

➡️ Click « Change password »

⚡️ This will not change anything in your campaigns.

2️⃣ Change your email provider

🔺 Warning

Please, keep in mind that all the CAMPAIGNS linked to the deleted email address will NOT BE AVAILABLE ANYMORE. Also, tracking for all those campaigns will be disabled.

So please make sure that:

⚡️ All your important campaigns are over

⚡️ You exported all important campaigns results

✅ Then you can change your email provider peacefully.


➡️ You'll see the current address linked to your account at the top of the page

➡️ Click « Unlink Google account » to UNLINK your google account from it or any other SMTP and IMAP.

➡️ You'll be offered to link another email address just like you did when you opened your account.

Need a video? Here's a short tutorial on how to do that. 🤗

You can also check the article How to change my Sender Name? ✍️ 🤓

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on the chat support if you need more details. 😊

Enjoy ❤️

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