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Why are my link clicks not tracked? πŸ”
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First, you need to make sure you have set up your Custom Tracking Domain (CTD) to enable the click rate tracking of your campaigns.

If you did set up your CTD and still notice that your link clicks are not tracked, here is a checklist to understand why and what to do about it ✨

βœ… Check my campaign settings

➑️ Go to your campaign

➑️ Go to Settings ⏩ "Report settings"

➑️ The switch should be blue for "Track link clicks"

βœ… Check the body of my email

➑️ Go to the email template editor.

➑️ Underline the text you want to convert in link.

➑️ Click the link button πŸ”— and enter the url.

➑️ The text must appear in blue in the editor. If not, it'll not be detected as a link and will not be tracked.

βœ… Check my link

➑️ Your link must start with http:// or https://.

βœ… Check my custom variable

➑️ If you use a custom variable that contains a link, be sure you added the custom variable in the input of the "link button".

πŸ’‘ Here is a related article about tracking

I hope you found a solution in this article, if this is not the case I'll be waiting for you on the chat my lemlister πŸ€“

Enjoy ❀️

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