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Get an overview of your cold emails' performance.
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Heeeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

In this article, I'm gonna show you how to monitor your campaigns perfectly πŸš€

To check statistics of your campaign simply press the graph icon in the top right corner when you're in the Editor section πŸ‘Œ

Now, let's dive into it!

Your campaign's performance

Get a clear overview of your campaign's performance and identify what worked best thanks to:

  • the progression bar gives you an overview of the whole campaign

  • your stats per channel

  • your stats per step

Keep in mind that one lead can only appear once in this progression bar. We focus on the very last activity of each lead.

Stats per channel

For your multichannel sequences, get the details for each of your:

  • Email steps

  • LinkedIn steps - the "LinkedIn invite stat" will be the green one called "Invite", when the "LinkedIn message stat" will be the yellow one.

  • Call steps

  • Manual tasks & API Call steps

At any time, get the formula of your stats, by going over the stat with your mouse, as below.

How does lemlist calculate my metrics? Can I choose how to calculate my stats?

Stats per step

Here you can find your sequence's stats breakdown to identify how well your steps worked.

This is also where you can evaluate the performance of your A/B testing:

  • Email A performance vs. Email B performance

⚫️ Your leads to be reviewed

This progession bar indicates how many leads you've imported and need to be reviewed in your Editor section, Review tab.
It also gives you an overview of your overall stats, all channels included.

⚫️ Your history per stat

If you want the whole history for a specific metric, press the emoji next to it!

For example, if you want to see who and when got step 1 or ant another Sent by you the steps of your sequence, click on the Sent, and a window will pop up with the details you need. It records every single action,

⚫️ The status of your campaign

The campaign status tells you if everything is ok for your campaign to properly roll.

Here is some info you may find if anything needs to be modified for your sequence to reach your target:

  • Your campaign is paused

  • Your schedule isn't properly set up

  • You need to add new leads for your campaign to continue

It also gives you an estimation of what prospect will next receive your sequence and when πŸ”₯

⚫️ Your campaign's activities

Take a look at the last actions that have been performed with your campaign.

⚫️ Manage your campaign

From tree dots you can:

  • Press the calendar to see the predicted planning: who's going to receive what step and at what time.

  • Share your campaign

Check the negative metrics of your campaign

If you want to see the "evil" side of your stats, meaning failed, bounces, unsubscribes, etc, simply press the thumbs-down emoji as highlighted in the screenshot below.

To get the formula of your stats, simply go over the stat with your mouse.

⚠️ Warning

When looking at the overview for your negative stats, be aware that LinkedIn skips will not appear on the LinkedIn channel line.

As you surely know, if one or more of the steps in your multichannel sequence ever fails, the skipped steps will be reunited under the same metric!

If you weren't aware of this, go check out our article on "Skip failed steps in your multichannel sequence" πŸ˜‰

Get an overview of your team's performance

In the overview chart, you'll get the activities of your different campaigns per day or per week depending on the timeframe you choose.

It summarizes all the actions that have been taken by your leads organized by stat (sent, opened, clicked, replied, interested).

Pass your mouse over the bar to get the details of each stat.

☝️ For you to understand how to interpret your stats:

  • Your top stats are your global stats. It helps you understand how well performed your campaign. This is why, if a lead opened your email 6 times it will only count as 1 opened.

  • In the chart below, you can see what happened with your campaign over time. It shows you all the actions performed by your leads.

    If a lead opened your emails several time on Monday it will only count for 1 open for that day but if he opens it again on Wednesday it will count as 1 open for that day as well.

⚫️ Choose the right period of time

Get the stats for a specific period of time by selecting the one you want from the right-hand side corner.

☝️ If you see activities during the weekend, this is normal, it means that your leads have performed actions with your campaign during this period of time (e.g. opened an email on Saturday, answered on Sunday, etc.).

However, if your schedule doesn't include the weekend, you shouldn't see Sent stat during this time. If it's the case, please contact our Support team.

⚫️ Filter your stats as you wish

Check your global stat with a view of your campaigns

Each color stands for a campaign.

You can use the filters bar below the chart to select the campaigns you want.

When you pass your mouse over the bars you'll see how many actions, per campaign, have been counted that day. Here "actions" are all combined (opened + clicked + replied).

For example put your mouse on the light green section of the Monday bar and if you see "Growth hacking campaign: 36" that means 36 actions have been done with your Growth hacking campaign that day.

Check your global stat with a view of your users

When you pass your mouse over the bars you'll see how many actions have been counted that day by teammates for all their live campaigns. Here "actions" are all combined (opened + clicked + replied).

Check your global stat with a view of your channels

When you pass your mouse over the bars you'll see how many actions have been counted that day by channel for all the live campaigns. Here "actions" are all combined (opened + clicked + replied).

I don't have the same numbers between the overview table, the overview graph and each campaign statistics. 🀯

All statistics are deduplicated. That's why you don't always get the same numbers when you add up all the numbers in the detail via the graph or the campaigns, and when you look at the numbers in the overview table.

Each lead only counts once.

For example:

I have 3 campaigns A, B and C.

In each of them, I send 2 emails to the same lead on 6 different days.

Day-1: Campain A, mail 1.

Day-2: Campaign A, mail 2.

Day-3: Campaign B, mail 1.

Day-4: Campaign B, mail 2.

Day-5: Campaign C, mail 1.

Day-6: Campaign C, mail 2.

In each campaign, we will count that 1 lead has been contacted if we add up 1 lead per campaign = 3 leads.

In the overview on the week view, only 1 lead was contacted during the week, so total = 1 lead.

And in the graph, we will have the detail per day: 1 lead per day over 6 days, so a total of 6 leads.

This applies to all types of activities (click, open, replies...)

Perfect lemlister! Now you can gather specific campaigns in order to get the global stats for that selection 🀩

Enjoy ❀️

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