Heeeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

In this section, we're going to talk about how to access and analyze the results of your cold email campaigns.

To access reports of a specific campaign, open it and, in the upper right corner, switch the window from Editor to Reports. Or simply press "R" on your keyword once you open a campaign.

You'll see a dashboard with the metrics of this particular campaign, as below.

These are all the metrics you are already familiar with. If you wish to see the "evil" side of your stats, meaning bounces, unsubscribers, etc, simply press on the devil emoji as highlighted in the screenshot below, and you'll have them.

🀬 Failed = emails that have not been delivered (export your metrics and check out the last column, you'll see the error message of your failed emails).

😡 Bounced = emails that have bounced (e.g. wrong email address).

😱 Buried = opted-out emails

😒 Not interested = Buddies marked as not interested

Below the stats, in the "Sequence" section, you will gain insights into how different steps are performing.

☝️ This is where you see the performance of each version of your A/B testing.

☝️ Also, at the moment lemlist doesn't show the stats for LinkedIn steps. So no worries if you see empty lines for these particular steps.

  • Plus, you can see the latest activities of your campaign.

Click on one of the top emojis to get all the information to track your Buddies' behavior (a window will pop up), as below.

  • Finally, if you want an overview of the whole team's performance.

Go to the Reports section and find a similar dashboard including all your campaigns + your team's.

Enjoy ❀️

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