Auto-Review Your Leads

Automate the last step before launching your campaign!

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Once your campaign is created you can send emails immediately by selecting the "Automatic review" option.

Say goodbye to manual lead checks, and watch your campaign keep the momentum even with new leads added.

However, please test your pipeline to make sure everything is working since your emails will be on auto-pilot with no further "check-up" from you.

When can I use this option?

The option can be activated at anytime from your review section.

How to use this option?

  • In your campaign editor, in the "Review and launch" section.

  • You'll have to pick one or several email statuses before you can enable the Auto-review feature. This, way we will only auto-review the leads for which the email statuses match your conditions.

Your leads email statuses can be verified in your lead list section:

You can always use our Email Finder & Verifier feature and the tokens included in your plan to verify the quality of your lead's email address!

Case study time:

You've seamlessly linked your Pipedrive to lemlist, automating the flow. Now, every time a prospect surfaces in your CRM, they seamlessly join your lemlist campaign without you lifting a finger.

Effortless integration, maximum efficiency!


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