🤗 Hey my dazzling lemlister!

Once your campaign is created, if you want your emails to be sent immediately you can select the "Automatic review" option 🎊

This way, you won't have to manually review your Buddies-to-Be.

The campaign will keep rolling even after you added new Buddies to your list 🤟

👉 However, please test your pipeline to make sure everything is working since your emails will be on auto-pilot with no further "check-up" from you.

FYI, you can use this option wherever your list of Buddies comes from:

⚡️ CRM,

⚡️ CSV fil,

⚡️ Workflow such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator ▶︎ phantombuster ▶︎ Dropcontact ▶︎ lemlist.

🤔 So where is the "Automatically review" option?

➡️ When you're editing your campaign, on the last step called "Overview", you'll find the option, as below.

Example: You connected your Pipedrive to lemlist and you set it up so that every time a prospect is identified on your CRM it directly goes to your lemlist campaign. That way, the action is triggered without lifting a finger. 🙌 🥳

Good job my lemlister!

I also recorded this video for you if you need an extra hand. 😇



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