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How to add a link to your email πŸ”—
How to add a link to your email πŸ”—

Add more value to your email with external links

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Heeeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

The only way to add a link to your email is to "Insert a link" from the bottom menu of your sequence editor. Here is how to do it:

➑️ Write a text on which you'd like to apply your link or select an already written part of the text. You're about to create a call to action (CTA).

➑️ Once you've selected it - click on the "πŸ”—" icon at the bottom bar, see below.

➑️ Copy/paste the URL in the blank field.

Select "Open in a new tab" if you prefer your link to open a new tab when clicking on it. This way your prospect is not forced to leave the page right away and can finish reading your message first. 😊

Enjoy ❀️

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