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What is A/B testing?

"A/B testing a step" is creating 2 versions of the same email in order to find out which one works best.

When your campaign is done, check out your metrics and look at what version got you the most replies.

In other words, it helps you figure out what is most suitable for your audience. 😊


πŸ‘‰ Test one thing at a time! Choose only one element of your email to test (e.g. the subject line, the image, the call-to-action, etc.). If you change too many things, you'll never know what made a real difference to your leads. 😍

πŸ‘‰ However, feel free to A/B test each step of your sequence! You'll be able to track the performance of each step with your metrics. πŸ€“


➑️ When editing your email, click on 3 dots and then select "A/B test this step". lemlist will automatically duplicate your template so you'll have 2 identical templates next to each other, as below:

➑️ You will be asked if the version B of your step should mirror the version A or should be created empty. It's up to you to choose:

➑️ You'll be left with 2 versions of your step that you can edit and personalize as usual.

➑️ Once your campaign is done, check out your metrics and keep the version that performed best. 😊πŸ₯°

Enjoy ❀️

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