🤗 Hey bright lemlister!

Adding your prospect logo on your email is a very smart way to personalize your campaign 🥳

➡️ Go to your campaign.

➡️ Click « Image template » on the toolbar.

➡️ Choose your template.

➡️ Click on the « Logo » button on the right side of your editor.

And you're done ✨ This will automatically pick up the logo of the person based on his or her email address.

🔶 Please note

👉 If your buddy has a generic email (@gmail.com, @hotmail.com, @yahoo.com) logo will not be displayed.

👉 In your campaign, you can always add a logo on the existing picture as well.

I also made a short video on this 🤗

Good job my lemlister 🥳 I'm available on the chat if you need more details!



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