Exporting Your Campaign Results

Learn how to effortlessly export your Lemlist campaign results in this guide. Harness the power of data analysis and insights.

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Hey lemlisters πŸ˜„

Want to export your campaign results from lemlist! No problem, you can export two types of results from lemlist.

Let me explain how.

Exporting an Individual Campaign's results

The first option is to export an individual campaign's results which will grant you the results per lead.

This can be done by clicking the "..." button at the end of the campaign row and selecting "Export results"

This will export your results in a .CSV file and you will get info for each lead (date and time the email was sent, bounced, replied to, opened, etc.)

It will look like this:

Now, let me explain what the difference between the two red frames is. 🧐

The first same "sentAt" is the historical value for compatibility and the other is the new column for each step!

Exporting Multiple Campaigns' Results

The second option is to export the results of multiple campaigns, which will grant you the results per campaign.

To do this select multiple campaigns using the checkbox to the left of the campaign, then open the "Actions" dropdown and select "Export selected campaigns"

Video Tutorial

We have also prepared a short loom showing the two ways to export the results.

We hope this article was helpful, and if you have any further questions on the export process feel free to contact us!

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