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Not sure how to upgrade or downgrade your plan? Check out the explanation below.

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Hey there lemlister!

If you want to learn how to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you're in the right place.

Go to "Plans & Billing", choose the product you want to upgrade\downgrade click on "Manage plan"

Then if you want to upgrade or downgrade to an upper or lower plan, simply choose the plan you're interested in 😃

💡Here you can also:

  • Choose the Payment frequency; monthly or yearly.

  • Upgrade or downgrade the number of seats, by clicking on the - or + button at the top.

When you upgrade, we will charge only the difference between what you've already paid and the plan you're about to choose.

When you downgrade, we will prorate your next invoice and that’s it 😊

Choosing to downgrade in April means you will be charged pro-rate on the May invoice and the amount you did not use will be taken off.

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