Stop a Campaign for All Leads from the Same Company

In this article, we'll explore the significance of this feature and provide use cases that highlight its importance.

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You can enable the option to pause a campaign for all leads belonging to a specific company when one lead from that same company shows engagement.

The Importance of The Feature

πŸ‘‰ Enhanced Personalization: When a lead from a company responds positively to your email, it's a clear indication of interest. Flooding them with further unsolicited emails may come off as impersonal and might annoy or even alienate them.

πŸ‘‰ Resource Optimization: Pausing the campaign upon engagement ensures you're not wasting resources (like time and email credits) on leads that have already shown interest.

πŸ‘‰ Protecting Your Brand's Image: Repeatedly emailing leads from the same company can give off the impression of spamming, which can tarnish your brand's reputation. By halting the campaign, you maintain a professional image.

πŸ‘‰ Focused Follow-Up: Once a lead has engaged, the next steps often involve personalized follow-ups, demos, or meetings. Pausing the campaign for that company allows your team to shift their focus to nurturing that particular lead.

How can I enable this feature?

This option can be enabled in your campaign settings.

1 - Click on the gear icon on the top of your campaign dashboard to access the settings:

2 - In the main campaign settings, simply check the option that will "pause people from the same company"

πŸ’‘ Note that the action is to pause all leads from company XXX if the campaign stops for another lead from the same company.

It's indeed mandatory for this to work that your leads from the same company share the exact same Company Name:

Also, the campaign will stop for a lead based on the option that you will have selected just above the pause feature:

In my case, if my lead Agathe from lempire replies to me, the campaign will stop for that lead, and Daphne, my second lead of that same company will be paused.

As a result, in the activities of my lead Daphne, I will see this:

Use Cases

Use Case 1: The Startup Pitch

Imagine a startup aiming to get its innovative product into the market. They launch an email campaign targeting executives from various companies.

If the CEO of a prominent firm replies showing interest, it would be counterproductive (and perhaps even embarrassing) for other members of the same firm to keep receiving outreach emails.

With this feature, as soon as the CEO engages, the campaign targeting that company is halted, allowing the startup to focus on nurturing that potential partnership.

Use Case 2: Webinar Invitations

A company is hosting a series of webinars and sends out cold emails to various firms for participation. If someone from a target company RSVPs or clicks the link to register, it makes little sense to keep promoting the webinar to other members of the same company.

Instead, the campaign can pause for that company, and resources can be diverted to other potential attendees.

Use Case 3: Product Launches

A software firm is launching a new product and reaches out to potential users across various organizations. Should a team leader from a target organization reply and express interest in a demo, bombarding other members of the same organization with further emails can seem redundant and aggressive.

Halting the campaign for that organization ensures focused and meaningful engagement.

If you need any more help on this subject, feel free to contact support! πŸ˜ƒ

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