Learn how to manage extern users in lemlist and grant them access to reports. Simplify their experience with clear instructions.

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Granting Report Access to Extern Users

When inviting an Extern user, you can simplify their experience by enabling password-less login.

This allows them to access campaign reports with just their email.

To activate this feature, check the "Allow password-less login" box below the form.

Without password-less login, the user can connect their email provider and/or LinkedIn account but won't have full lemlist access.

Report access is exclusively available to Extern users with an active seat. If you invite an Extern user without a seat, they won't be able to view reports. Only Extern users with an active paid seat can access the reporting feature, as they are the senders of campaigns.

Externs: Access and Invitation Process

After being invited to their team, Extern users will receive the following email:"

After clicking the link to connect their email provider, they will complete the following steps in the specified order:

Enter the verification code, as indicated and circled in the previous screenshot.

Then connect the email provider:

If their email provider is already connected, they will be asked if they want to change it. If not, they can choose "no" to proceed to the next step, which is linking their LinkedIn account.

If the extern user belongs to a team on the Pro Plan that allows LinkedIn actions, they will be prompted to download our Chrome Extension and link their LinkedIn profile.

After downloading the Chrome extension and opening it, they should see the following:

The first line represents the LinkedIn account (1) they are about to link to their lemlist user (2).

If your client connects the wrong LinkedIn account and needs to change it, they can do so by unlinking the current one from the Chrome extension. Afterward, they will be able to link the LinkedIn account they prefer.

The connection link is fully secure and remains valid for three days.

If your client doesn't complete the procedure within this time frame, the link expires. You'll need to resend a new link from your cockpit, and I'll show you how to do that shortly.

Let's go through the functions of each button you'll find in your cockpit's team section for your externs and what they do:

Grant or revoke access to reports:

  • Closed lock: Externs won't have access to their campaign reports.

  • Open lock: Externs have access to their campaign reports.

Resend the secure connection procedure to your client:

Edit the client:

These buttons provide you with control over your externs' access and allow you to manage their connections and permissions effectively.

To modify your client's custom tracking domain, limits, or email signature, please enter this section:

To remove a client from your team, follow this:

Let us know if you need anything else!

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