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Learn how agencies work on lemlist, manage clients, and ensure data separation with our comprehensive guide. Get started with ease!

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Hey there lemlisters!

To make this as easy as possible and to explain how agencies work on lemlist, check out our looms and instructions below.

Let's go through it question by question.

Q: Why would I use an agency account?

The agency feature is designed to be user-friendly, allowing everyone to set it up on their own. It's especially handy for users who work with multiple clients, whether they're on the same plan or different ones.

With this feature, you can keep different clients from viewing all the campaigns โ€“ they'll only see the ones related to their own team. You just need to set their role as member or extern.

Meanwhile, your admin user can maintain control over all campaigns and teams they're part of. It's a great way to ensure everyone's privacy and manage things smoothly.

Q: Who would use this?

  • Outbound agencies seeking to efficiently manage separate client accounts.

  • Operational managers needing to separate accounts for different teams within a company, such as Sales and Marketing.

  • Companies requiring distinct plans, like the Standard Plan and the Pro Plan, for different teams while maintaining flexible account management and switching capabilities.

Q: How to set it up:

First, it's necessary to remember the billing is per seat. Each user requires a seat, following the rule that one seat corresponds to one user - one sender - one account.

First option: Adding a New Team

You can create a new team here:

Then invite users by clicking on the settings icon under the desired team.

Then invite users:

You will have the option to add the emails of users you want on that team and their roles:

Second option: Adding an Existing Team

First, log in to the team you want to add.

Then go to the Cockpit section and click on "Invite users"

Finally, invite the user you want as the supervisor, and the current team will be added to their teams.

Once you invite a user, they need to log in to their account and accept the invite.

More information here.

Q: Cockpit

You can learn more in our article about the Cockpit here.

Q: Roles

Roles in lemlist allow you to control user access levels within your account.

Explore the available roles and their associated permission sets below.

  • Admin: Full access to all aspects of the accounts they are part of, with exclusive access to the cockpit menu.

  • Member: Access to everything except the billing section. Members cannot invite or remove other users from the team, or change their own role or the role of others.

  • Extern: Limited access; can only view their team's account report if they were granted password-less login when invited.

You can learn more in our article about Roles here.

And we have prepared an article explaining Externs more closely here.

Some specific details to note:

  1. Billing:

    Each team will have its own individual billing, meaning they'll receive a separate invoice each month. This ensures financial clarity and separation.

  2. Data:

    Data for each team will remain strictly separate. This means separate billing, separate campaigns, and absolute data isolation. As a result, it's impossible to share lists of leads, whether for unsubscribes or duplicates, between teams. This strict separation maintains the integrity of each team's data and operations.

That should be all!

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to let us know.

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