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Agency Roles

Discover lemlist's User Roles and Permissions for Controlled Access.

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Hey lemlisters!

Roles in lemlist allow you to control user access levels within your account.

Explore the available roles and their associated permission sets below.

Roles and Associated Permissions

  • Admin: Full access to all aspects of the accounts they are part of, with exclusive access to the cockpit menu.

  • Member: Access to everything except the billing section. Members cannot invite or remove other users from the team, or change their own role or the role of others.

  • Extern: Limited access; can only view their team's account report if they were granted password-less login when invited.

More details about externs here.

Choosing Roles:

You can select the user role right from the start when inviting a new user to your team:

  1. Navigate to your Cockpit, then to the Manage Teams section.

  2. Select the team under which you want to add a new user, and click on "Invite users," and a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to invite new users to your team.

From there, you have the option to invite a "regular" user as either an admin or member:

Or you can opt to create an extern user:

Please note that when inviting new users as admins/members, you have the ability to do so in bulk.

​If you made a role selection error during the invitation process, you can rectify it later through your Cockpit:

  1. Access your Cockpit, then Manage Teams.

  2. Locate the user for whom you wish to modify the role.

  3. Then, choose the new role you'd like to assign to them:

Please be aware that once a user is designated as an extern, their role cannot be changed to a member or admin. To adjust their role, you'll need to remove the user from the team and re-invite them with the desired role.

Please refer to this Loom video for a detailed explanation of when and how you can modify user roles in your account:

Let us know if you need anything else!

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