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Unlock the power of lemlist's Cockpit to manage multiple teams with ease. Explore team settings, billing, and seamless team switching.

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Hey lemlisters!

The cockpit is a useful space that grants you full control over your team settings, particularly useful when managing multiple teams.

Finding the Cockpit:

Click on your profile picture at the top right corner and click on Cockpit

Under this section, you will find Manage teams and Teams billing

  • Manage teams

In this section, you'll find all things related to team management:

  • A user list: Comprising all team members.

  • Roles: Choose from Admin, Member, and Extern.

  • Custom tracking domain: Measure clicks and opens accurately.

  • LinkedIn & Integrations: Details about platforms connected to each user's lemlist account.

  • Teams Billing

    Here you will be able to see the details for each team: Plan, Seats, Senders, Users, and Price.

Using the Billing section:

You'll have comprehensive control and access to all billing information for your various teams, including:

  • Plan: Identifying the plan utilized by each team.

  • Seats: Determining the number of seats/users within a team.

  • Invoices: Each team has its own separate invoice.

  • Price: The monthly subscription cost.

  • Credit Card Icon: Clicking this icon opens the team billing settings, where you can modify the billing address and credit card used for the subscription payment.

Using the Cockpit:

Changing teams:

Locate the team selector menu at the bottom left corner of your account. Select the team you'd like to switch to. It's also from this menu that you can create new teams if needed. 😊

Let us know if you need anything else!

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