Leaving a Team

How to leave or switch to another team on lemlist.

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Hello, lemlister! ๐Ÿ‘‹

If you're considering leaving a team, this article provides the solution you need.

For instance, in scenarios where you're on a free trial and a colleague from your company upgrades to a plan, creates a new team, and invites you, resulting in your membership in two teamsโ€”the free trial team and the new paid team - here's how you can take control.

Manage your team affiliations:

Navigate to the team name at the bottom left of your dashboard.

If you belong to multiple teams, you have the option to switch to another team.

To leave the team:

  1. Navigate to "Cockpit", then "Manage teams"

  2. Select the team that you want to leave

  3. Click on the three dots and choose "Remove user."

Of course, you can use the same option to leave any team, even if you belong to just one of them.

You can't leave a team if you are the only one on the team.

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