Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

When you create a new campaign, you can choose between existing templates or a blank email that you will have to create from scratch.

In both cases, once you're done with the editing part:

➡️ Click on the 3 dots and find "Save as a template" as below.

➡️ Name your template, so you can easily find it when you want to reuse it.

And you're all done ⭐️

🚨 Pro tips 🚨

When you import a template in a step, it creates a copy of this template. So, if you apply modifications to the original template, the changes won't pull into your step because your step contains the copy of the original and not a direct link. 😉

Also, feel free to watch the video below to go through these steps together 😇

Enjoy ❤️

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