Automatically review my leads 🧘
Automate the last step before launching your campaign!
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Heeeeey lemlister ! πŸ‘‹

Once your campaign is created you can send emails immediately by selecting the "Automatic review" option!

This way, you won't have to manually review your leads and the campaign will keep rolling even after you add new leads to your list 🀟

However, please test your pipeline to make sure everything is working since your emails will be on auto-pilot with no further "check-up" from you.

When can I use this option? 🧐

Important: the option has to be activated before importing your leads.

Whenever your list of leads comes from:

  • CRM

  • CSV file

  • Workflow e.g. LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Phantombuster - Dropcontact - lemlist.

πŸ€” So where is the "Automatically review" option?

➑️ When you're editing your campaign, on the last step called "Review", you'll find the option, as below.

Case study time πŸ₯³

You connected your Pipedrive to lemlist, and you set it up so that every time a prospect is identified on your CRM it directly goes to your lemlist campaign. That way, the action is triggered without lifting a finger. πŸ™Œ

Enjoy ❀️

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