Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Look who's running successful cold-emailing campaigns!

You're definitely ready to...

... Mark an Opportunity as interested:

🔹 Why would I mark an Opportunity as interested?

👉 Because this option will help you a lot to conclude how successful was your campaign.

👉 It will highlight Interested in the statistics of the campaign, hence it will help you track your full funnel.

🔹 How do I mark an Opportunity as interested?

👉 When you choose Opportunities on the left side of your lemlist homepage, you'll have a list of Opportunities opened.

Here is what is on the right side of that list:

👉 If you want to mark an Opportunity as interested - select a happy face. 🥰

By selecting one of your Opportunities in the pop-up window, you'll have the option to mark it as interested. 😊

I also recorded this quick video tutorial to help you on this as well, okay my lemlister? 🤗

You're definitely starting to run these campaigns like a pro my lemlister.

Enjoy ❤️

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