Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

1️⃣ Integrate/connect to HubSpot

➡️ Go to Settings then Integrations

➡️ Click on "Connect to HubSpot account" button

➡️ A popup will open to:

  • Enter a username and password (if not logged on HubSpot on a different browser tab)

  • Authorize the application

➡️ After authorization of HubSpot we can connect to it without an additional login prompt.

➡️ Working with HubSpot is easy, you are just creating a new list of contacts and adding filters to find the right selection of contacts.

E.g. for contacts whose city name is Cambridge:

➡️ All contact lists that are created in HubSpot will be shown inside lemlist as filter names when creating a campaign with Salesforce way to add leads.

➡️ Select the filter (contact list)

➡️ Click Next

➡️ Leads will be populated from Hubspot, and it will be the same set of contacts as shown in your particular contact list in your HubSpot instance:

  • You can add/remove fields in the list as necessary

  • You can add CUSTOM properties to the contact object itself - they will be automatically inserted in lemlist lead props

➡️ The rest of the usage of lemlist is the same

➡️ By default, all activities of leads (email sent, opened, clicked, replied, same for Linkedin steps) are stored immediately as NOTES inside the corresponding contact in your HubSpot:

If you check that option, no activities will be added:

Note that you cannot choose to add some type of activities and not others, it's either all of them, or none of them.

💡One final note, if you also want to have the campaign's name and lead status synced in your activities, please make sure to enable the following feature in your general settings - integrations:

Interested in learning about our other integrations? Check out these articles on our integrations and extensions page:

If you have any other questions, let's reach out to us on the chat!

Enjoy ❤️

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