Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

1️⃣ Integrate/connect to HubSpot

➡️ Go to Settings then Integrations

➡️ Click on "Connect to HubSpot account" button

➡️ A popup will open to:

  • Enter a username and password (if not logged on HubSpot on a different browser tab)

  • Authorize the application

➡️ After authorization of HubSpot we can connect to it without an additional login prompt.

➡️ Working with HubSpot is easy, you are just creating a new list of contacts and adding filters to find the right selection of contacts.

E.g. for contacts whose city name is Cambridge:

➡️ All contact lists that are created in HubSpot will be shown inside lemlist as filter names when creating a campaign with Salesforce way to add leads.

➡️ Select the filter (contact list)

➡️ Click Next

➡️ Leads will be populated from Hubspot, and it will be the same set of contacts as shown in your particular contact list in your HubSpot instance:

  • You can add/remove fields in the list as necessary

  • You can add CUSTOM properties to the contact object itself - they will be automatically inserted in lemlist lead props

➡️ The rest of the usage of lemlist is the same

➡️ All activities from the lead are stored immediately as NOTES inside the corresponding contact in your HubSpot:

Interested in learning about our other integrations? Check out these articles on our integrations and extensions page:

If you have any other questions, let's reach out to us on the chat!

Enjoy ❤️

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