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Facilitate collaborative work on lemlist by managing your team

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Heeey cool lemlister! 👋

First, please keep in mind that 1 user = 1 seat = 1 email sender 😊

Here are all the steps to edit your team:

I want to add a teammate

  1. Check the number of seats you have.
    Settings ⏩ Plans and Billing ⏩ Plans

  2. Add as many seats as you need, but please note that you’ll be billed per seat.

3. Add the email address to invite the user to your team - you can do this in each section just simply click on "Invite user(s)"

The invited teammate will have to create a lemlist account and they will be able to find the invitation within the notification centre.

Please note that they will need to connect the email provider from their own lemlist account.

I want to remove a teammate

Go to SettingsPlans & Billing and click on the name of the user you want to delete.

Click on three dots and hit "Remove user" 👇

🙋‍♀️ lemlist tip:

Please remember to downgrade one seat otherwise you will keep being charged!

✴️ Please, keep in mind

👉 lemlist is collaborative which means that each user can see and control all campaigns and leads. You can control everything from one user.

👉 If a user joins or leaves a team, the campaigns will not be transferred.

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Enjoy ❤️

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