Heeey cool lemlister! 👋

First, please keep in mind that 1 user = 1 seat = 1 email sender 😊

Here are all the steps to edit your team:

I want to add a teammate

➡️ Check the number of seats you have.

SETTINGS ⏩ BILLING ⏩ « Number of seats »

➡️ Add as many seats as you need.

Please note that you’ll be billed since the price is per user

➡️ Add the email address to your team in

SETTINGS > TEAM > « Invite a teammate »

➡️ The new user has to set his email provider.

If they already have a lemlist account, they'll be automatically added to your team. If not, they'll receive an email invitation.

I want to remove a teammate

➡️ Go to SETTINGS > BILLINGS and click « Remove teammate » next to the name of the teammate you want to remove

✴️ Please, keep in mind

👉 lemlist is collaborative which means that each user can see and control all campaigns and buddies —> you can control everything from one user.

👉 If a user joins or leaves a team, the campaigns will not be transferred.

You can check this video I recorded for you 🤓

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Enjoy ❤️

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