Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Email Toolbar

This article serves as a user-friendly guide, explaining the functions of icons, enhancing user interface comprehension.

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Hey lemlister! 👋

Review the list below for a clearer insight into the function of each icon:

➡️ Add a custom variable, custom image, custom landing page:

➡️ Ask AI for improve your text:

➡️ Personalizing and formatting your text:

➡️ Insert link:

➡️ Add a signature:

➡️ Quickly insert your lemcal link:

➡️ Add an unsubscribe link:

➡️ Import a saved snippet:

➡️ Add an image:

➡️ Clean code/formatting:

The "Clean code" button allows you to remove any incorrect bit of HTML that may make your email look funky (different fonts, thickness, coloured backgrounds, weird hidden links, etc...)

And now my lemlister, you are one step closer to personalize your emails like a pro 😎


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