Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Setting-up a multiple-schedule allows you to be more specific about the sending time frame.

e.g. sending my emails during relevant office hours like 9-12pm and 2-6pm.

🤔 How to do so?

➡️ Go to your campaign, and click "Edit".

➡️ Go to the "Schedules" section

➡️ Set up your 1st schedule and once it's done press "Add another schedule".

💡Note that in case you have leads from completely different timezones, the right way to go is not to set several schedules within the same campaign, but rather to have as many campaigns as different timezones your leads are subjected to, and import your leads accordingly in each campaign.

And voilà! You did it well my lemlister 👏

Briana also made a short tutorial on scheduling to help you out 😇

Enjoy ❤️

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