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Wondering how many emails you can send per day with lemlist? Here are the answers, depending on your setup.

What to do for Gmail and Google Suite? 🤓

You'll find resources about theoretical limits here and here.

⭐️ But from one lemlister to another, you should actually set yourself, as a user, a daily email quota below 200.

In fact, you can check in the app the optimized global daily limit of actions you can perform with your multichannel campaigns! Go to the Settings and see what limits we recommend to keep your email account away from bans and spam. ⬇️

However, remember that Google has its own algorithm to decide to block or not. 🤹 Some of our clients are blocked by Google after sending 20 emails, some other after 500.

If we detect that you've reached a Google quota limit, we will pause sending for a period of time. Then, we'll automatically resume later.

lemlister tip 💡

Do not rely on this detection to protect yourself from going over your quota because:

👉 We usually only get this notice after you've already exceeded your quota.

👉 Sometimes, we're not able to make that detection fast enough to stop emails that are already queued up.

Overall, if you're sending emails via an alias, keep in mind that your Google limits apply, but so might any limits that the service that runs your alias has.

What to do for custom SMTP accounts? 🧐

When sending emails via SMTP, you need to refer to your email provider's recommendations to know how many emails you can send per day.

lemlister tip 💡

My advice is to do the same as for Google by setting the limit around 200 emails per user per day.

Can you believe you're already done with this? You'll never cease to amaze me lemlister!

What to do for those who would want to send more emails 😗

You have to understand that our sending algorithm is extremely complex and depends on many factors: bounce rate, variable and dynamic open rate, domain age, technical setup, custom tracking domain quality, etc.

The reason we have such an advanced sending algorithm is to help our users get the best results on the market. 😌

Sending too many emails at once is never the way to go, and will only damage the domain in the future : cold emailing is a long term game, and we built the best product on the market to ensure our customer’s success.

If your main focus is a number to be reached, then unfortunately lemlist won’t be the tool you’re looking for. We will always prefer to protect our users from getting their account banned instead of allowing them to take too many unconsidered risks.

Enjoy ❤️

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