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Add a lead to an existing campaign 🤓
Add a lead to an existing campaign 🤓
One more lead to send your sequence to? Just add it to your rolling campaign.
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Heeeey lemlister! 👋

OMG, can't believe you're ready to add a lead to an existing campaign.

Here is how to do it :

1️⃣ Go into one of your campaigns where you want to add new lead(s)

2️⃣ Go the the "Leads" section:

3️⃣ Click on "Import new leads":

4️⃣ Pop-up window will show up and you will get an option to choose the way you want to import leads. If your goal is to add one new lead, you can select "Import emails manually"

5️⃣ Then you will need to type the email address of the lead and click on "Continue" which is in the right corner ( please have in mind that you can add as many leads as you want, their emails must be one below the other.

6️⃣ After, that, you will get an option to choose if are you fine if that lead is a duplicate or not and once you select, you can click on the "Import one lead" button in the right corner:

7️⃣ Once you do that, the lead will be added to the campaign and you can change their data ( everything except email address) by clicking on that lead from the "Leads" section:

🌈 That's it, you're all good! Congratulations on building new relationships my lemlister.

We also recorded a video that you can follow:

Enjoy ❤️

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