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Here at lemlist we want to help you launch amazing cold email campaigns, but also save time, make you more productive, prevent clutter, etc.

Enter our solution: labels, our secret organizational tool!

What are labels & why are they useful?

Very simply put, they are a tool to help you organize your campaigns.

What are the advantages? They easily give you an overview of your selection of campaigns, meaning that you can access analytics for the entire label in Reports.

Case Study Time!

To help you understand, here is a step-by-step guide to a scenario where you can use labels to filter campaigns & check your global stats for a specific group of campaigns:

➡️ In the Editor section, Options tab, add a label - or several ones - to easily identify your campaigns e.g. Partners 2021

You can add several labels if you want a campaign to be part of different selections

➡️ You'll see your campaigns organized by label in the left column

  • Click the name of the label to show/no show the details of the campaigns

  • Click directly on the name of the label to rename & also remove it if needed

➡️ Go to the Reports section, see the reports for all the groups you created.

➡️ Click on the label, and you’ll get the overview of the results for this label, right away, as seen below
➡️ Within a group of campaigns, use the top right corner search bar to narrow down your search even more.

You can find more information on how to read your reports in the article.

Enjoy ❤️

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