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Enriching leads with Smart Enrichment
Enriching leads with Smart Enrichment

Interested in how you can use Smart enrichment & Debounce? Look no further, here is our explanation.

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Heey lemlisters!

To make your lives easier, we're introducing our exciting new feature: Smart Enrichment!

This powerful feature is designed to simplify and enhance the process of finding and debouncing lead emails, as well as gathering additional information. With Smart Enrichment, you can streamline your lead management and ensure accurate and up-to-date data.

New Enrichment Options:

We have 3 main options that you can choose when enriching your leads:

You can also choose "No enrichment", which will not enrich the leads.

Smart Enrichment

Full enrichment allows you to find leads' valid and debounced emails, to clean leads' given data (if provided) to extract full LinkedIn profiles without limits and to find other information such as phone numbers, civilities, or job titles.

To use the full enrichment on your leads, you need the following three basic pieces of information for each lead:

  • If you're importing your leads from the chrome extension OR if you import them with their linkedinUrl leading to their linkedin profiles, we can then scrap it and collect the minimum info we need (firstName, lastName and companyDomain) + more data for you to re-use.

  • If you do not import your leads with their linkedin url, then you will need to import them with the three infos mentioned above: firstName, lastName and companyDomain

Based on the information above, if there is a need, their first name and last name will be cleaned based on their Linkedin profile URL. Any other information available on their Linkedin profile will be also pulled to increase the chances of finding the lead's email.

Smart enrichment of a lead costs 10 Tokens per lead.

Linkedin enrichment

Introducing our powerful new feature: LinkedIn Enrichment! Say goodbye to the slow and limited LinkedIn scanner, as we have replaced it with a dedicated LinkedIn enrichment option.

This new option performs the same function as the LinkedIn scanner by extracting LinkedIn information from leads. But you can say goodbye to the limitations and delays, and enjoy the efficiency and speed of our LinkedIn enrichment feature.

With the previous LinkedIn scanner:

You were limited to scanning approximately 50 leads within a 24-hour period, which could be quite tedious.

With LinkedIn enrichment:

You can extract LinkedIn information from as many leads as you need, and it only takes a few minutes to enrich 100 leads.

What's the cost of this cool new feature?

Each LinkedIn enrichment now requires 2 tokens.

Verify email: Debounce

For leads that already have an email address, you can debounce it (or, verify their email address) with one click.

An email bounce is when a message is rejected by a recipient's mail server and returned back to the original sender. Specifically, a hard bounce is when the email is permanently rejected because the email address is invalid or the email address does not exist.

Having a high bounce rate kills your email reputation, and your leads won't receive your emails.

Debounce of an email costs 1 Token per lead.

What is Debounce?

To debounce an email basically means to verify the email without sending an email to it.

How to select the wanted enrichment:

In the second step of the setup process for your "Lead list" after importing, you will come across the "Set up import settings" section.

Here, you will have the option to choose from various enrichments, including:

If your leads are already in your campaign:

In this case, simply select your leads by bulk or one by one and click on the three dots at the top right.

You will see the option for "Smart enrichment" and "Verify email"

How to watch your leads being enriched ⏳

  • The number of leads processed/processing is displayed at the bottom right.

  • Once the enrichment has started you will see "Enriching" and a loading icon will appear:

Experience lightning-fast results! 🤩

For each lead, we will perform the following actions:

  1. Clean the first name and last name provided.

  2. Extract and save relevant information from the lead's LinkedIn profile (if available).

  3. Display an icon indicating a successful enrichment.

  4. Retain the best email we found for the lead.

  5. Display the status of the email (remember, there are five possible statuses).

  6. Optionally, if available, save additional information such as phone number, civility, job title, and other relevant details.

By executing these steps, we aim to enhance the lead's data and provide you with comprehensive and accurate information for further engagement.

In the leads section of your campaign, by hovering above the enrich stats icon, you can see the different statuses that you can get:

You can learn more about the status here. (add correct link when published)

Q: What is the pricing for Smart Enrichment?

The cost of the following Smart enrichment actions varies.

Smart enrichment: 10 tokens per lead.

Verify email: 1 token per lead.

LinkedIn enrichment: 2 tokens per lead.

For more information on the pricing for Smart enrichment, please check out the following article:

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask us on our support chat!

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