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Unlocking Success: The Benefits of Using Email Finder & Verifier
Unlocking Success: The Benefits of Using Email Finder & Verifier

Tired of not getting enough data, waiting forever for enrichment to finish? Smart enrichment is the solution for you!

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Hey there!

We now provide an integrated enrichment feature that does everything better than tools we used before, and much more.

Expanding Benefits: Email Finder & Verifier for users:

  • Time-saving efficiency: Find leads and access their information in just one click, saving valuable time.

  • Increased outreach potential: Reach a wider audience, leading to more booked meetings and business opportunities.

  • Enhanced personalization: Obtain comprehensive lead details for improved personalization and higher reply rates.

  • Expanded email capabilities: Benefit from the automated enrichment workflow to discover more emails for your leads.

  • Verified and reliable emails: All provided emails are checked, preserving your domain reputation and ensuring successful communication.

  • Simplified setup: Enjoy the convenience of Smart Enrichment with no complex configuration or API key requirements.

What are the main goals of Email Finder & Verifier?

✅Find valid emails from LinkedIn searches or a contact list:

✅ Get 80%+ valid email addresses automatically, compared to 15%-55% from other providers.

✅ Simply provide a first name, last name, company name/website URL, or LinkedIn profile URL to get started.

✅ Enhance personalization and get more replies with additional prospect information like profile picture, job title, company details, etc.

✅ Verify your existing contacts' emails directly in lemlist.

✅ Everything is done within lemlist; no need for other tools.

✅ Automate your outreach process easily.

✅ Free credits come with every lemlist plan, so you only pay for what you use additionally.

How do we achieve all of this?

✅ We tested and combined the top tools for better results.

✅ Constantly testing new tools to provide the best email finder in the market.

✅ Streamlining enrichment processes and reducing the need for multiple providers.

✅ We do waterfall enrichment, so you don’t have to do all the work!

Feel free to ask any questions. We're here to help!

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