Inbox Rotation

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Hey there lemlister!

Inbox rotation is now available on lemlist!

As you already know, we are not a bulk emailing tool.

Nonetheless, agencies and large teams often need to send large amounts of cold emails over short periods of time.

While keeping to our limits, explained here.

Inbox rotation is designed to empower exactly these cases, providing you with the tools to conduct campaigns through multiple sending accounts simultaneously.

How to add Inbox Rotation to a campaign?

First, go to the wanted campaign:

Go to the "Sequence"

Then choose the wanted senders:

You also have the option to "Force a sender"

This allows you to override the default sender(s) for individual steps. This ensures that a particular team member sends a specific step.

Seeing "Show errors" next to your senders?

By clicking on the text mentioned, you will see the specifics of the errors:

And voila!

To be sure you're not sending too many emails, you can refer to this article, explaining how to set limits on your accounts.

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