Discover the Outreach Scale PlanπŸ”₯
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Are you an outreach expert looking to expand your horizons across multiple channels and scale up your efforts?

lemlist's Outreach Scale Plan, offers a comprehensive toolkit designed for professionals like you.

Let's explore the features that make this plan ideal for reaching a broader audience without the sales pitch.

Effortless Outreach at Scale:

  • βœ… 15 Sending Emails: Reach more prospects seamlessly.

  • βœ… Send Unlimited Campaigns: No restrictions on your outreach ambitions.

  • βœ… Customizable Email Campaigns: Tailor your messages for maximum impact.

  • βœ… Access to a Massive 450M+ Leads Database: Broaden your prospect pool effortlessly.

Smart Sequences & Personalization:

  • βœ… AI-Generated Sequences & Icebreakers: Let lemlist's AI enhance your messaging.

  • βœ… Custom Text Variable Personalization: Craft personalized messages at scale.

  • βœ… Push Leads from LinkedIn with lemlist Chrome Extension: Streamline your prospecting.

Insights & Integration:

  • βœ… Custom Reports & Analytics: Understand your campaign performance.

  • βœ… Zapier Integration: Seamlessly connect lemlist with your preferred apps.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Outreach:

  • βœ… CRM Integrations (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce): Sync your outreach with your CRM.

  • βœ… Custom Image Personalization: Add a personal touch to your visuals.

  • βœ… Campaign A/B Tests: Optimize your approach for better results.

  • βœ… Inbox Rotation: Maximize email deliverability.

  • βœ… Custom Liquid Syntax Personalization: Fine-tune your messages with dynamic content.

  • βœ… API Access: Integrate lemlist with your workflow effortlessly.

  • βœ… Multi-threading: Boost efficiency with parallel processing.

  • βœ… Auto-Review: Streamline your review process.

Next-Level Outreach Capabilities:

  • βœ… API Campaign Step: Extend the reach of your campaigns programmatically.

  • βœ… LinkedIn Prospection: Leverage LinkedIn for enhanced outreach.

  • βœ… Cold Calling Prospection (with Aircall): Combine cold calling with your outreach strategy.

  • βœ… Advanced Campaign Conditions: Fine-tune your campaigns with precision.

  • βœ… Custom Landing Page: Create a unique landing experience for your prospects.

Premium Support & Assistance:

  • βœ… Dedicated Account Manager: Receive personalized support for your outreach endeavors (for teams with 4+ seats)

The Outreach Scale Plan is tailored for experts like you, offering an array of features to enhance your outreach efforts without the hype. Scale your outreach on your terms and explore new horizons πŸš€

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