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Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Remember when you had to do all these things manually? Check every lead on LinkedIn yourself. Use multiple extensions to extract emails. Put all those emails in a spreadsheet. Upload them to your cold email tool.

Forget them all 🤯

Today is the day you can do everything I just mentioned... AUTOMATICALLY! 🚀

What does this integration mean for you? 🧐 For those of you who don't know, Phantombuster is a brilliant tool that helps you extract power data from the web to generate business leads, marketing audiences, and business growth.

Here is the plan 🗺

🎯 Define your target

We’ll use LinkedIn to find our ideal customer profile (or target or persona… Well… You get it). LinkedIn is THE best B2B social network, and it allows you to filter people based on criteria such as Position, Location, Industry, and so on… Which is perfect when looking for prospects.

📃 Get a list of prospects

We’ll scrape (extract) all that data to get a list of about 1000 prospects matching your criteria.

👨‍💻 Get social accounts and emails

With that list, we’ll get emails, LinkedIn accounts, twitter handles…

🔥 Warm-up your audience

We’ll visit each LinkedIn profile, follow each Twitter accounts, and send personalized LinkedIn invitations. By doing so, we will raise interest in our prospects’ minds.

🚀 Build warm relationships at scale

While we are warming our audience up, we’ll send personalized emails and follow-ups using all the actions done in Step 4 to build a warmer approach. To do so, we will use the best email outreach automation platform ever created: lemlist 💌

😎 Step 6: Get rich, do less

And now my lemlister, you can check our Step-by-step tutorial with a very detailed video to set everything up 💪

Don't hesitate to ask your questions on the chat, I'm always happy to help! 😊

Enjoy ❤️

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