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Confused about how many emails get sent per day? Let me explain...

💡 I want to know how many emails I send per day

If you are interested in knowing the number of emails sent by yourself during the day:

➡️ Go to Settings - Reports - Overview

➡️ Choose the time frame and click on the "sent" emoji 🤔

➡️ Then hover over the day you are looking for that's it 🤓

🚦 I want to limit the number of emails I send

However, if you want to limit the number of emails sent per day:

➡️ Go to Settings then Limits

➡️ In the "Global maximum emails lemlist will send in 24h" section, enter a maximum number

Now enjoy the peace of mind knowing lemlist won't send more emails than requested every 24hours 💌😌

👉 Click here to know the number of emails you can send per day.

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