Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

If you're planning on launching a multichannel campaign with LinkedIn steps, you definitely need the lemlist Linkedin Chrome extension to get precious information and save plenty of time 🔥

Concretely, it'll allow you to add your leads to any lemlist campaign, from any LinkedIn search.

How do I get and set up the extension?

➡️ Install the extension from the Google Chrome Store

➡️ Open the extension and link your lemlist account with your LinkedIn account.

➡️ Once in the app, if you see a red LinkedIn icon at the top of your lemlist account page that means your LinkedIn is not connected to your lemlist account.

If it's the case, go back to your LinkedIn extension, log out and link it one more time.

How do I use the extension?

🔵 From Linkedin

➡️ You can either go to a specific profile or do a LinkedIn search with as many filters as you want to target a group of prospects (with or without Sales Navigator Search)

➡️ Once you have the result of your targeted search, click on the extension

➡️ The form will open and (this is where the magic happens) it will be automatically filled with all information found from the Linkedin page ✨

Depending on the profiles, you can get the following information:

  • Firstname

  • Lastname

  • Photo

  • Phone number

  • LinkedIn profile URL

  • Occupation

  • Company name

  • Company domain

  • Company industry

  • Company founded

  • Company profile URL

  • Company size

➡️ From the dropdown menu, select the lemlist campaign to which these leads should be added to.

The list excludes campaigns for which you previously imported leads from a CRM.

➡️ Click « Create ». These new leads are added to your lemlist campaign 🥳

☝️Don't worry about duplicates, if you already imported a lead to your campaign via the extension, the profile will only be updated in lemlist and not duplicated.

If the lead is already in one of your other campaigns, you'll get notified, as below.

🟠 From any webpage

➡️ Click on the extension

➡️ Fill in the form with all the information at your disposal. Note that the email address is mandatory to create a lead in lemlist☝️

➡️ Select your lemlist campaign in which this lead should be added to

➡️ Click « Create ». This new lead is added to your lemlist campaign 🥳

📸 Note that you can take a screenshot with the camera icon, very useful to personalize your mails 🎊

⚠️ Don't ever add a "@fake-linkedin.com " email address to the unsubscribes section otherwise you would no longer be able to add leads from LinkedIn.

Briana recorded a video to show you how to best use our extension 😊

If you need more precision, feel free to ask your questions on our chat 🤓

Enjoy ❤️

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